Save Time in the Technology Age

If you are good with technology, learn how to set up specific inbox folders in your mail program and put together a filter to automatically sort through your email and place it in the appropriate box. It is a great way to keep your attention focused on the important emails.

Even better, reduce the email that needs to be sorted by unleashing your mouse on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of commercial emails. Junk email will suck the time out of your life faster than a Bichon Blitz (YouTube video - Yes! It's a real thing!).

Save Time Taking Care of Your Pets

Unlike children, you can drop your pets off at the kennel when you go out of town. But the four legged furry tots still require quite a bit of care. Any time saved in their care-taking leaves you more time to play with them. 

Tip - Get a three-year Rabies shot. You save time not having to go to the vet and they are generally cheaper than three yearly shots.

Save Time Cleaning Your Home

Being single and living in a small apartment makes cleaning a breeze. But when you live in a home and clean up after others, it is important to be methodical and organized. Check out these time-saving tips from the editors of Consumer Guide.

Save Time in The Kitchen

Although Aspen is not what one would consider a good cook, she does know how to cook and if all the restaurants in St. Louis closed, she could hold her own and still have time to get into some sort of trouble.

Tip - Make a menu & Double up on your portions

Make two weekly menus and rotate them. Double the portion and freeze the extra. Why spend time making the meal more than once? If the dinner takes 45 minutes to make then you will save at least 30 minutes one night because your dinner is already made! Of course making double portions can be dangerous if you love food. Best to package the extra portion immediately rather than risk having it end up in your mouth.