Mr. Quetzalcoatl & Mr. Personality

Mr. Quetzalcoatl's (pronounced Kwetzul Kawattul or Ket-Sal-Koh-Ah-Tl) name is a mouthful, it's understandable why Aspen nicknamed him Mr. Q. How many times can you say that name without tripping up? Mr. Q's dog's name is Mr. Personality another mouthful that Aspen calls Mr. P.  Mr. Q and Mr. P are made for one another.  Both are merry pranksters.

As a radio personality with a syndicated show, Mr. Q doesn't hurt for cash. He's hyper-senstitive to privacy and doesn't want his invaded at any cost.

It took a while for Aspen to warm up to the man, but he is now one of her best clients. Though most of her duties for Mr. Q pertain to taking care of Mr. P it doesn't bother Aspen because he is such a sweet dog, funny, full of energy, and oh so soft to the touch.

Stephanie Cantone

Put your ear plugs in and hide all your stuff, Stephanie is in the house.  She's loud and boisterous and a recovering Kleptomaniac.  A massage therapist and one-time zoo ambassador, she's all about having a good time. Even with all her flaws, Aspen seems drawn to her, but is smart enough to know not to drop her guard.

Thomas Brackford

Living his life in a wheelchair after being hit by a bus, he's not shy about telling you what he thinks. Though Aspen tries not to get too close with her clients, Thomas Brackford's one that found his way into her heart.