Aspen Moore

Aspen's personal life is as fulfilling as it can be knowing she is living every day in a lie. She's already breaking some of the Witness Protection Program rules, so letting any of her new friends know her true identify would be like picking out her casket. Still, the temptation to let someone inside her world is overwhelming at times.


Mrs. Rippetoe

When Aspen decided to leave the somewhat dumpy apartment provided to her by the U.S. Marshals, she happened upon Mrs. Rippetoe who had apartments for rent in her fourplex. It was Mrs. Rippetoe who made Aspen feel at ease for the first time after relocating to St. Louis. She is Aspen's iced tea on a sweltering day; her hot cocoa in the dead of winter.

Mrs. Rippetoe's only child, a son, refurbished the fourplex so she'd have a roof over her head and some money in the bank. He is a lawyer in Califonia, a place Mrs. Rippetoe just isn't interested in moving to. With no family close by, she relies on her dog Sassafrass to keep her company.

She is spunky for her age. As a retired school teacher, she is always interested in doing the right thing. She prides herself in keeping an eye out for her tenants, although she's somtimes not clear on what she hears or sees since she's skating around the black hole of senility.

To think of Mrs. Rippetoe is to think of a big heart.

Peter Parker

What can be said about Peter Parker? He's tall, he's handsome, he's bald, and he's unavailable. He knows it, Aspen knows it, but still the spark between them is much larger than that put off by static electricity.

Peter occupies the apartment across from Mrs. Rippetoe and directly below Aspen's place. He's an entreprenuer that takes his business seriously, so much so that it irritates the hell out of him when Aspen refers to his business as a spy shop. In actuality, he sells much more than surviellence equipment. He provides security assessments and recently added private investigations to his list.

He cares about Aspen, and is even attracted to her, but his heart belongs to his girlfriend Madeline. The two have been together for years and he doesn't see that changing. But, nobody has ever been hurt by innocent flirting, right?