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Aspen Moore has a new life in a new city, complete with a new career. As a personal concierge, she sells her time to those who don't have enough. The biggest perk of her business is getting to spend her time on other people's lives so she doesn't have to face the demons in her own.

When her most loyal customer dies and his suicide looks eerily like murder, she anonymously tips off the police so she won't expose a secret she desperately needs to keep. Convinced the police can find the killer on their own, Aspen turns her attention to making the most of her new life.

But murder and mayhem are a bothersome duo and she soon finds herself caught in a web of chaos. A string of crimes, long enough to make a real detective sweat, threaten her livelihood. Aspen's only hope to untangle the mess is to find out who's responsible before they cause permanent damage.

If the U.S. Marshals think the criminals she testified against are behind the crimes, they'll relocate her and she'll have to start her life all over again. As she looks for answers, she must juggle her quirky customers, heartwarming, but presenile landlady, and a flirtatious neighbor with spy gadgets.

Aspen determines the truth must lie in the mystery of a decade-old land development deal.  While investigating the past, the stakes become higher when she finds her life in jeopardy. Despite the danger, she’s determined to uncover the truth and hold tight to a life she never wanted.