Sure, Parker Security and Surveillance is a serious business, but it's way cooler to call it a spy shop. Filled with gadgets that would make the average snooper's heart palpitate, Aspen invites you to look around. Shhhh, though, Peter has no idea she's let you inside.

Disclaimer: These links will take you to sites outside of The author is in no way connected to these sites and has no knowledge of their viability. They are simply provided for those interested in the gadgets used in the Aspen Moore Novels.

Portable Parabolic Listening Device

The Hear 300 Peter loaned Aspen is a fictional device based on real portable listening devices. To learn more about the parabolic listening device, check out the Bionic Ear with Booster.

Astroscope for Video and Digital SLR Cameras

The night Aspen took photographs at the no-tell motel, she used an expensive piece of equipment from Peter's shop. The Astroscope is a real product manufactured by Electrophysics that can turn a Nikon or Canon SLR Digital camera or video camera into a night vision photography system. It was like magic to Aspen. Read more about the Astroscope at

Hand held metal detector

Aspen will do almost anything to please her clients including treasure hunting in a closet. To increase her chances of finding the booty, Aspen borrowed a hand held metal detector similar to the one made by Garret. Check out this detector that provides a lot for such a small product.  Garret Pro-Pointer.

Through Wall Radar Device

Lucky thing Peter's spy shop has the best of the best when it comes to x-ray vision. The C-Thru 1000 is a fictional product based on a real world product used by military, police, special forces, and emergency services around the world. Check out the real product Prism 200 to see exactly what it can do.