Aspen Moore is a personal concierge selling her time to people who don’t seem to have enough of their own. Moore Time’s company slogan is “We’ll do just about anything for just about anybody,” which leaves the company open for all types of interesting assignments.

Before she became a glorified errand runner, dog sitter, research assistant, personal organizer, and modern day Gal Friday, she was an Information Technology executive pulling in six figures. But, that all vanished the day she agreed to testify as an eyewitness to murder and began her new life in St. Louis.

The day the U.S. Marshals dropped her into the Midwest like a quarter in a slot machine, she had no idea if she'd hit the jackpot or lose it all. The series follows Aspen as she tries to make a new life without family or friends. The first book in the series is Buying Time, where Aspen must solve the mystery of a decade-old land development deal or risk losing it all again.